D1000 Series

Protect against the No. 1 source of building fires


your people, your assets, and your reputation, with the only fail-safe, fully-integrated fire-suppression range hood for UL300A applications
With the industry’s first and only fully integrated, mechanically actuated (fail-safe), pre-engineered, fire suppression range hood system specifically engineered for domestic-grade stove-tops in limited commercial settings.

The D1000 fulfills all of the theory and intent behind a Type I commercial hood with fire suppression in a product designed for use over a residential-grade cooktop. The D1000 is perfect for any commercial space that uses a residential-grade appliance in a “not for profit” cooking application.

Specify Safety

  • Fail-Safe Mechanical Mechanism
  • ETL Listed
  • UL300A Compliant
  • NFPA101

Specify with Confidence

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Mechanical Fail-Safe actuation
  • Over 15 years of developments in the UL300A market.
D1030 (30") Complete Submittals
Recirculating Fan, Front Discharge
Rear Discharge, Integral Fan
Top Discharge, External – Inline Fan
Top Discharge, Roof Mounted Fan
Top Discharge, Wall Mounted Fan
D1036 (36") Complete Submittals
Recirculating Fan, Front Discharge
Rear Discharge, Integral Fan
Top Discharge, External – Inline Fan
Top Discharge, External – Inline Fan
Top Discharge, Wall Mounted Fan
How It Works
  1. Heat builds and first set point is reached
  2. Fan will turn on high to dissipate the heat
  3. If the heat continues to build, a second switch is activated
  4. The fuel source to the range is shut-off
  5. An audible internal alarm sounds
  6. If heat continues, the fusible link reaches set point
  7. The mechanical (fail-safe) discharge of the suppression system is activated [manual activation also available]
  8. Fire is extinguished
Code Official Details

Code Official Details

ICC-ES PMG Product Certificate  PMG-1122

Effective Date: June 2023

Click here for PDF download.

Effective July 1, 2012, The D1000 became the only system recognized for use by the ICC.  The D1000 is an ICC/ES PMG-listed product, garnering immediate code approval in most jurisdictions. Certain applications automatically comply with the ’09 & ’12 IMC, UMC & IFC. 

Effective January 1, 2013, The D1000 became the basis of design behind the 2012 Amendment to the NFPA Life Safety Code.  This new code language makes the D1000 A REQUIREMENT in all residential health care facilities. 

The D1000 by DENLAR Fire Protection is the industry’s first fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system. The D1000 fulfills all of the theory and intent behind a type 1 commercial hood with fire suppression (NFPA 96, 17A & UL/ETL 300) in a product designed for use over a residential-grade appliance.  Products in this category are listed to UL/ETL 300A – these types of systems are intended to be used within a commercial space, when a residential-grade appliance is used in a “not for profit” cooking application.

The D1000 also includes an environmental monitoring system, designed to interact with the cooking environment and minimize the likelihood of a fire event.  This is a two-stage temperature monitoring system.  At a mid-temperature set point, the system will automatically engage the fan on high to dissipate heat from the area.  At a high-temperature set point, the system will preemptively disconnect the cooking element to the appliance before suppression system release.  If these two stages of “pre-suppression” do not stem the tide of a growing fire event, the fusible links will melt, causing the system to actuate mechanically – consistent with other commercial fire suppression systems.

This same internal monitoring system also addressed the entire suppression assembly.  If it is ever compromised in any way (tampering, loss of pressure, etc.) the system reacts by shutting down the cooking element and in this case, creates a separate “maintenance code”, alerting the maintenance staff and avoiding a typical “trouble alarm”.  The D1000 will not only automatically suppress a cooking fire event – it will work to minimize overall fire risk in the space.  Engineers, designers, facilities managers, and code officials should be confident in recommending and approving The D1000 in all applications where a residential-grade appliance is used in a “not for profit” capacity within a commercial space.

  • Sizes: 30″ (D1030) & 36″ (D1036)
  • Ducting Calibrations: Front Recirculating (F, internal fan), Rear Expelling (R, internal fan), Vertically Ducted (I, two remote fan options)
  • Range Element Disconnect Modules: Electric (E), Gas (G), Dual-Element (DED)
  • Options: Manual Pull Station (MPK), The ClockBox (CLBX), Handicapped Accessible Controls (ADA), NSF Upgrade (NSF), Powder Coating (PC),
  • NFPA101 Packaged Upgrade* (NFPA101)

*Packaged upgrade includes the following features & add-ons: Manual Pull Station, The ClockBox, and an upgraded fan to achieve 500cfm.

Product Configurator

Model Number Selection

Select a 

  • Model
  • Fan Type
  • Fuel Disconnect
  • and Optional Accessories
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