Designer Series
The Designer Series incorporates an entire fire suppression assembly into the design of an affordable, modern range hood.

Dependable, proven fail-safe technology and design.



The Designer Series offers an economical solution for providing protection against cooking fires. The commercial grade fire suppression is fully integrated within the hood system, making it an ideal option for any cooking space with a residential style range. Our Designer Series hood combines the look of a traditional hood with a suppression system, that is proven effective by using a mechanical system, a wet chemical agent, hardwired disconnect options, and alarm contacts.


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Submittal Sheets:             DS-30-F                                                                                    DS-30-D

Data Sheets:                        DS-30-F                                                                                       DS-30-D

Power Disconects:             DS-GD                                                                                         DS-E                           Electric NEMA Options

Optional Components:    ClockBox                                                                                   Manual Pull Station (MPK)                                      

                                                     Handicap Accessible Controls (ADA)                             Designer Schematic


The Designer Series Fire Suppression Range Hood System was introduced as a higher quality alternative to existing 300A retro-fit "kits".  These systems were normally installed into a standard residential range hood to provide a basic level of protection for a light-duty cooking application.  However, retro-fitting is never ideal because of the variables involved; installation quality, conspicuous design, and non-commercial technology could all effect the performance of the system.  The Designer Series is engineereded for similar applications but incorporates true commercial-grade technology into a fully integrated, pre-engineered ONE PRODUCT system.

Fulfill a two product spec with a single product submittal that offers lower installed cost, lower materials cost and a significantly finer finished aesthetic.  That's The Designer Series.