DENLAR's hood systems fulfill much of the theory and intent behind a full commercial hood, all while being designed specifically for use over a domestic range. DENLAR's hoods include technology that has proved to be tried and true -with fusible links, discharge nozzles and wet chemical suppression agent - all in a compact fully integrated system! Both the D1000 and the Designer Series have the ability to tie into an alarm system and will shutdown power to the range when a fire event does occur. 

While the premise of our products are built on the technology used in a NFPA96 system, our system is NOT meant for full commercial use. What does that mean? Simply put, our products are designed for light duty cooking applications and cannot be used in for profit cooking.

DENLAR's hoods are listed in compliance with UL300A and UL507. Our D1000 is also recognized by the ICC and has an available upgrade to be compliant with the NFPA101 life safety code. 


D1000 Whitepaper

Designer Whitepaper