There are few feelings as thrilling as going to college and experiencing true independence for the first time. As students clamor to test their newfound independence, universities are hard at work ensuring the experience a student has at school is not only positive, but safe, and fire safety is high on the list.

From 2011 – 2015, fire departments nationwide responded to an estimated 4,100 fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and other university properties. Of those fires occurring in college dorms, 87 percent involved cooking equipment.

In order to keep students safe and reduce the number of fire-related accidents, engineers are relying on new products and technology when planning for dormitory common areas that allow cooking.

Fairfield University is one of many colleges across the US doing just that and has installed hundreds of DENLAR’s Designer Series Range hoods in an effort to protect them against the risk of a fire in their dorms due to a stove-top fire.

A DENLAR Designer Series Range Hood uses mechanical links to provide a failsafe method of protection against cooking fires. If a fire ignites, this range hood will release a wet chemical agent and suppress the fire, avoiding catastrophic damage or injury.

The range hoods that Fairfield has selected to use on their campus uses glass links to detect a fire, a technology that has been proven repeatedly in the fire industry throughout the years. The glass links ensure a mechanical detection and actuation of the system; suppressing the fire while simultaneously shutting down power to the range to prevent a fire from reigniting, and alerting the fire alarm system that it is tied to.

The mechanical suppression system enables you to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the range being used is protected.

Find out more about DENLAR Fire Protection by contacting them today.

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